måndag 7 mars 2011

Daily Result

Hello guys, today did not go so great.  But as you can see I did not play so many hands. What did I do wrong?
I tell you what I did wrong.

Y = Money, X= hands.

As you can see I lost 2 buy ins between the 153th and 161th hand.
Why? I lost my concentration, My mate called me on skype and begun to chat about HoN and all possible stuff, this is not the first time I´ve reacted this way, making bad calls/bets during an skype conversation. So in the future, Im going to make changes while grinding in sessions. Put Away status on skype, close all web browsers, put on silent on the phone.  Might feel to you as a reader that I blame my losses on different stuff, but to be honest everytime I´ve begun to talk on the phone while playing poker it has gone bad. 

After that I pulled myself together tried to grind, got a little upswing but the loss was to big for my mind, and I lost another buy in. Anyways as I always says, there is always a tomorrow. So cya then 


7 kommentarer:

  1. Concentration will probably help you! Good luck!

  2. Oh, that sucks. But the week just started!

  3. just keep your cool and you can do it

  4. ah damn, just keep it up man you will win!

  5. I hope you can do better soon.

  6. Get back on top! You'll be fine if you know where you've gone wrong

  7. and his name is Gamblor!