onsdag 2 mars 2011

Daily Result

Hello guys, as you can see today didnt go well. Well, I dont want to blame luck, but seriously there was one guy that called me All in preflop 3 times, First he got a three of a kind, second time he got a straight and on the third he got a straight again. I had AA the last 2 times. Im not going to say anything about this last hand, just so you can see what kind of scrubs Im playing against.

BB: k39.50
UTG: k46.68
Hero (CO): k49.75
BTN: k32.06
SB: k97.73

SB posts SB k0.25, BB posts BB k0.50

Pre Flop: (k0.75) Hero has Jd Jc

UTG raises to k2.00, Hero raises to k10.00, fold, fold, fold, UTG calls k8.00

Flop: (k20.75, 2 players) Ac 8s 9h
UTG checks, Hero bets k15.00, UTG calls k15.00

Turn: (k50.75, 2 players) 7c
UTG bets k21.68 and is all-in, Hero calls k21.68

River: (k94.11, 2 players) 6s

UTG shows 8h 7h (Two Pair, Eights and Sevens) (PreFlop 100%, Flop 100%, Turn 100%)
UTG wins k91.76

20BB call preflop with 87s and just cause he hits the 8, it automatic means that he calls the 30BB raise aswell. Someone got a rifle?

5 kommentarer:

  1. That's unlucky! Better luck tomorrow!

  2. Damn that sucks, happened to me aswell, went all in with AA two times, first I lost to a three of a kind then to a straight

  3. ouch, hope you get it back the next days

  4. i wish you luck for tomorrow