söndag 27 februari 2011

The Next Poker Pro!

Hello Guys!

Im really excited in making a poker blog and Im really going to try to keep it active.

What will this Blog be about then?
1.This blog will be about No limit Texas Hold'em low stakes.
2.I will post hands, discuss them a bit, make some comments how I should have done or just post a really nasty one.
3.My daily profit, Im using poker tracker 3.
4. My progress to become the next poker pro!
5.Pretty much everything that I use to become profitable.

So lets begin!
To introduce myself; My name is Fredrik and Im from Sweden. I´ve been playing poker with real money for some months now but its until now I´ve understood some very important steps to become profitable. The poker site Im playing at right now is Svenska Spel with the Swedish curreny SEK.

Discipline and Position. This is all you need to know.
Discipline is to play good hands in the correct position, dont try to bluff a player that cant fold his hand. Discipline is also not play over extend your playing. Discipline in poker is bankroll management which I will talk more about later. A good player with no discipline cant become profitable in the long run. Discipline also means no tilting.

About bankroll management, when I first started off playing with money, I played with 50% of my bankroll at one table. Sure I won some money but the next day I lost it all. When I started playing at the Swedish website I was about +$300 dollars but...I played with too high stakes for my tiny bankroll. I didnt have the patience, and I lost it all. This time however Im going to be patient and profitable.

My plan is to go to the next level when I have +25 maximum buy in for that level. And that is my bankroll management. For every grand I make in SEK, I deposit 200 from it. This is to slow me down and take more time at the tables.

 This is my current bankroll, its in SEK. In US dollars this would be about $75. So its no giant money we are talking about here, and the tables are really low, about $7 maximum buy in.

Alright Hope you enjoy it and comment on the hands!

4 kommentarer:

  1. I'm pretty new to poker (no money or anything, just playing with friends), so this might come handy!

  2. wow, awsome blog I'll be sure to read this often since I'm a big poker fan aswell, I lost about 30€ on pokerstars so far. I usually get profit but then lose it all in one or two bets after hours of playing... lol stupid I know :P

    Did you pay for the poker tracker? Or are you on trial?

  3. @Peanutzzz

    Hehe sounds like u need to take breaks like I do :)

    Nope I havnt bought poker tracker. Just trial and its soon out of time, its a shame tho that it costs so much money.

    Thx for the comments, I appreciate it

  4. Try magicholdem, I liked it a lot, gives you 200 free hands :P