söndag 27 februari 2011

Daily result

Yep so here is my result for the day. And that is not a $ by the way, since I play in another currency that is 1,2 SEK. I mean wtf I did +- for almost 6 hours. Am I mad? A little bit, but still playing over 1K hands of learning and it was learning aswell as you can see I had 17 sessions with breaks(probably 8 sessions dealt over 6 hours since it counts the tables). Tomorrow I will do it better, a lot better.

Its night time now, and there is no reason to play when tired. As last word I just want to say this. There is always a tomorrow and this is real money. You should not play around with it, its serious buisness when it comes to money even tho I lost the feeling of money which is debatable haha

o/ Over and out Mr.F

12 kommentarer:

  1. Your going to be really good at this game. I'd like to learn more

  2. Pretty impressive, always good to see numbers going up. Good luck tomorrow!

  3. I'm kind of null at poker xD

    You can buy a can of soda with your earnings and take it easy next time, though.

    I'm following...

  4. I agree with: there´s always a tomorrow... so good luck

  5. Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you liked some of Alcest's works. I'll try to keep up the good music. :D

  6. Hihi, what country are you from? Sounds strange :-)