söndag 27 februari 2011

At which tables do I sit?

Felt there was too much to read in the previous post so Im going to keep it short and tight just as my game

I sit at the 5-man tables doubletabling. Im also shortstacking, Just cause it feels safer. I get almost 50 short stack buyins instead of 10 maximum buyins. Im also playing in 45 minute sessions so I keep my concentration up, feels much better to play then aswell. So right now Im having a break.

Today Im minus 80 SEK which would be 8 short stack buyins. But really it doesnt matter cause if I win 3 all ins at one table it would be +- :P. Going to grab  something to drink now, maybe a break for 20 minutes just to keep my focus up so I dont push all in with nothing, Like I did with almost all of these 8 buy ins.

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